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Student Housing
New Semester 2021/2022

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Why The Barons

The purpose

We are more than a residence, we are an experience in an inspiring place. We promote services that contribute to a better society through a community oriented towards excellence and leadership. Our goal is to ensure that you have everything you need to feel more secure, comfortable and at home. Belonging to our community is synonymous with feeling like Family. Here we take care of each other, either during the stay or even after the stay. We challenge your personal development. We support your academic path in whatever you need and provide unique experiences. Our monitoring and guidance will make a big difference.






Activities and Events / year



How we were born

The story

As part of its mission to respond to social issues, in January 2019, Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto, inaugurates an accommodation building for the academic community in the city Invicta, aimed at students, teachers or researchers.

This residence is especially attractive for those who prefer tranquility. The building consists of 15 twin rooms. The facilities also include a terrace, a common kitchen and a leisure and study area.

The Barons Residence is located in the new “arts district” of Porto, in Bonfim.

In 2020, and in a clear alignment with its purpose, the U-World group takes over the management of The Barons residence, presenting a refresh of the branding.

Alongside the accommodation, it offers a range of differentiated services that aim to complement the stay in the residence, which will guarantee the necessary support to each resident and make their experience more enriching, inspiring and rewarding.

An unforgettable experience

A new stage, a new experience

Academic life is a very special stage of our journey.
It is that phase in which we live unforgettable moments.
We want to provide you with an experience that will be recorded forever
in your memory.

We have gathered the perfect conditions to provide you with those moments. We designed a program adjusted to the curriculum, with activities, dynamics and events, in the most diverse areas of interest, which respect all safety standards and will be available throughout the year.

Our partners

We have established partnerships with institutions that have exceeded the limits of education. People who break barriers, open doors to life after university and understand that students can learn both outside their walls and inside them.

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